Cyber criminals thick of action in 2012 and 2013, have increased their presence through online marketing.

The Blackhole exploit kit rampant in 2012 replaced by new exploit kits in 2013. They were using parent malicious code.

blackhole exploit kit 2

Kaspersky a top-notch brand in AV products. It exposed this dangerous root-kit in 2011 itself.

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Users appraised of this dangerous vulnerability. Kaspersky Lab’s products were successful in detecting and remediating the –

Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Necurs.a downloader and its corresponding rootkits Rootkit.Win32.Necurs.a / Rootkit.Win64.Necurs.a.

In 2021, no new software and security patches for Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP and Office 2003.

How will you protect your online security?

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Malware attacks from malicious hackers and “unidentified” drudges!

Most of the 2014 Internet community are mobile users. Android is making waves as the most mobile-friendly mobile operating system.

But we cannot underestimate the power of Windows. It still has billion computers.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 Settings

In 2014, Kaspersky has devised a new anti-virus approach to defeat hacker’s purpose.

The best advice from me is to use Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows. It makes online protection maximum and data-theft minimum.

There are several ways of invoking the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Settings.

There will be Kaspersky icon in the system tray of Windows.

Right-click it and choose the “Settings” option.

Alternate path: Double-click to open the default Kaspersky Anti-Virus interface.

A small label called “Settings” exists at the bottom. It will open the same pop-up window.

kaspersky anti virus 2014 settings

That window will contain some options to fine-tune your KAV settings.

5 Major Settings

  1. General
  2. Protection Center
  3. Performance
  4. Computer Scan
  5. Additional
KAV 2014 settings


In this option, you can find some more sub-options.

You can disable the KAV protection by dragging the slider to the right-hand side.

Enabled by default. Green indicates protection is ON.

This will also ensure that KAV launches on Windows start-up and protects your computer during entire session.

There are also other options like 1. Interactive protection and 2. Autorun.

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Using the first option, you can ensure whether to perform recommended actions automatically and do not delete probably infected objects are working properly. You can also disable them by un-checking that option.

The second option let’s you start the application on system-start-up which is an recommended action by Kaspersky.

Two labels – Restore Settings and Default Settings.

If you click the second option, you will get some options like

  • Maximum Security level
  • Optimal Security level
  • Minimum Security level

Protection Center

In the right-pane, you will find the following 5 options.

  • File Anti-Virus
  • IM Anti-Virus
  • Mail Anti-Virus
  • Web Anti-Virus
  • System Watcher

You can enable or disable each option.

The File-Anti-Virus option scans all opened, saved and active files. The IM-Anti-Virus option scans incoming and outgoing IM messages for mailicious and phishing links.

The Mail Anti-Virus scans incoming and outgoing messages for dangerous objects.

The Web Anti-Virus protects incoming web traffic and prevents dangerous scripts from running on your computer.

The System Watcher rolls back malware actions. (Credit : Kaspersky).

kav 2014 settings protection centre 1


Windows performance optimization.

On application start-up lot of CPU and memory required. To reduce this weight on the OS, you can use Gaming Profile.

Laptop users can also benefit from this option. During scanning and update tasks, lot of computer resources needed.

This also takes some time to complete.

If you are on battery mode, you can check option to disable scheduled scan tasks. It is helpful if the system is using battery power.

The best part is in the usage of computer resources.

In my case-study, I found that when KAV-2014 is scanning your computer, Windows almost hangs.

In order to prevent time-loss, best to change the automatic scan schedule to manual schedule. It solved much of the performance problems of KAV-2014.

kav 2014 settings performance

Alternatively, there are other options available. You can concede computer resources to Windows OS, when the computer starts.

Also, if you are on CPU-intensive tasks like playing a game, doing an Auto-CAD drawing or performing Mathematical operations, you can concede resources to other applications.

Why not use the Idle resources when you computer is free?

This idea might have created this option which allows you to run resource-intensive automatic updates and scans of system memory, startup objects and the system drive while the computer is idle.

Just like the blackhole exploit kit, other root-kits can dis-function your computer. For this purpose you can also enable rootkit scans.

Computer Scan

Sometimes false-positives can put “cracks” and other “pirated” software at risk. Unknowingly a file may get delete by the anti-virus.

To protect from such adversaries, its best to keep the protection level to an optimum. KAV-2014 provides an option, where you can set the security level to high, recommended and low.

kav 2014 settings computer scan


There several other settings which are miscellaneous.

You have

  • update settings,
  • threats and exclusions settings,
  • self-defense settings,
  • compatibility settings,
  • network settings,
  • notification settings,
  • reports and quarantine settings,
  • feedback settings,
  • Kaspersky appearance settings

which can help to fine tune your KAV-2014 product.

kav 2014 settings additional


anti virus benchmark 2014

The bottom line is that KAV-2014 is layman’s knife for computer viruses and threats.

Personally, I didn’t face any problem after I disable the automatic scan of my computer of KAV-2014.

Earlier Kaspersky Anti-Virus products took lot of time and resources to update.

But lot of it is rectified in 2014 Kaspersky products.

The best part is you can tailor the product upon your needs in KAV-2014.

The above screenshot from “PassMark” indicates that it is one of the top-notch products in the AV industry.

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